Who is Decade?

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs obtain the capital and credit they need to fuel their dreams. Whether you are just starting your business, or looking for millions in capital to expand, we have solutions that can help you fund your endeavors.

Our business credit solutions help you build credit for your business EIN that’s not linked to your personal social security number. This credit can be obtained quickly regardless of personal credit quality, collateral, or cash flow. And you can get approved with no personal guarantee.

Sit back, relax, and we’ll build your credit for you!

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How we can help

Business Credit & Loans

Get business credit that’s not linked to you personally or your credit, with great terms. Even if your bank has told you “no”.

Higher Limits

Secure high-limit credit in your business’s name without a personal guarantee or personal credit check. No collateral or cash flow is required for approval.

Low Interest

Get access to low-interest credit lines and long-terms loans with funding in 72 hours or less.

Every Size Business

Whether a startup, have credit issues, or no collateral, we can help you get approved.

Credit & Financing for Your Business

Business Loans

With so many loan options, which is the best for your business?

Our Finance Team will do all the heavy lifting of researching all legitimate business lending programs for your business. Because we work with hundreds of different lenders with unique loan programs, we have options for all types of borrowers.


Business Credit

We can help you start, build, and grow your business without using your own funds, personal credit, or funds from your family and friends! Our expert business advising and finance team will help you through all aspects of obtaining corporate credit and acquiring business loans. Plus, you’ll have access to our cutting-edge finance suite technology to help expedite your results.

What are Working Capital Loans Used For?

At DECADE Financial, we understand the changing business landscape especially in the restaurant business. As such, small business owners use our working capital loan for a variety of business reasons. Working capital loans are ideal for those operators who are experiencing strong performance, but need an injection of capital to take advantage of growth opportunities, without giving up equity. Owners know opportunities and/or issues can arise quickly and having committed working capital allows them to be ready for the unexpected.



Get In Touch

If you’re interested in obtaining capital for your company at the best terms, we have solutions for you. Contact us today for your no-cost business credit and loan consultation.

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